Neophonic Impressions, May 26-29, 2005

Presented by the Los Angeles Jazz Institute at the Four Points Sheraton-LAX

Pictures by Gordon Sapsed, UK

Bill Holman Howard Rumsey
Lanny Morgan with Bill Holman Orch. Bud Shank
Gene Norman Bob Gordon, Jim Harrod, Ken Koenig

Member of the West Coast Jazz Newsgroup

From left to right: Ken Koenig, Desne Ahlers, Jeff Thompson, Bob Conrad, Bob Gordon, Dave Werts,
Joe Lang, Bob Bragonier, Jan Van Doren, Jim Harrod (picture by Geoff Roach)

From bottom left, clockwise: Steve Cerra, Jan van Doren, Geoff Roach, Jim Harrod, Ken Koenig,
Dave Werts, Bob Bragonier (picture by Bob Gordon)

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