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August 2005 - O's Place Jazz Newsletter  - Octobop     -    After Dark  4/4
O's  Notes: Octobop brings back the West Coast Jazz that was popular in the 1950s.  They are a large ensemble sans piano with vibes and brass. Their music is both  orchestrated and improvised to arrive at a cool structured sound that is not  too busy. Octobop performs arrangements from the big names of this era  including Stan Kenton, Gerry Mulligan, Jimmy Giuffre and Shorty Rogers. They  successfully recreate the spirit (warm and mellow) of the music on After  Dark.

August, 2005 - Cadence Magazine - After Dark - Recommended 
"I'm sure [After Dark] will appeal to any fan of that '50's Cool period, and I hope that it might start some who don't know that music to dig around and excavate more about it for themselves." - Phillip McNally

April 20, 2005 - Octobop Featured in the San Jose Mercury News - Article by Andrew Gilbert

February, 2005 - Review of After Dark on All About Jazz - Article by Jack Bowers

November 10, 2004 - Octobop Signs Record Deal With Group 7 Music in Los Angeles 

As it says in the liner notes to Night Lights, “West Coast Jazz rides again.” Not quite as high as it did in the ‘50s and ‘60s, but one must give due credit to Silicon Valley’s Octobop for helping to enliven and preserve the spirit of some of the greatest Jazz ever written or played. Yes, there was much more to appreciate about “West Coast Jazz” than its laid-back hipness, the “cool” facade that came to epitomize the movement and by which it was universally, albeit inaccurately, known.

Night Lights is a well-shaped session of smooth West Coast-style jazz by an ensemble whose commitment to the music is wholehearted and impressive. - Jack Bowers

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